Linda Winter has received the following testimonials.

Hester Calkhoven and Pim Schuurman

We got in touch with Linda through a Facebook group – on which she posted a picture she had done in Rome. We liked her style, as to us, it feels very Italian.

We purchased our olive farm, in Umbria, Santa Cristina, last year and have done extensive renovation and upgrading works. As the house has so much history we felt it deserved to be painted – so we contacted Linda. She was immediately enthusiastic when I sent her a few photos of the property and the grounds.

As they live quite far from us we invited them for a weekend, to stay in our game keepers cottage. As a result we had a few drinks and dinners together which was delightful and to we got to know Linda and her husband Michael.

Linda did some sketches and took plenty of photographs whilst she was here. We got the results quite quickly, within two weeks and we were extremely pleased with her style, she caught the atmosphere very well.

We are now in process of framing them, we will hang them in our reception area, a treasure for years to come.

Hester Calkhoven, Expat Relocation Consultant & Pim Schuurman, Santa Cristina

Linda Pye

I am the proud owner of a collection of 4 Linda Winter paintings. I am in awe of the talent and skill she demonstrates through her celebration of architecture and nature. Her paintings are honest, dreamy, and uplifting.

Linda Pye, Interior Designer, Padova

Rosemary Polermo

In 2023, I was a 76-year-old retired lady who had just moved to Este. I spoke no Italian and knew very few people. Among them was my English-speaking German neighbor who invited me over for prosecco one afternoon. I admired a painting of hers and she explained that it was by a local artist. I was delighted to hear that, as I always collect art from people I have met. And here I was with lots of bare walls, having brought only a few small pieces of art with me from Long Beach, California. Oh, joy!

She mentioned that Linda was a member of the International Ladies of Padova, a wonderful group, with several members who lived in Este. I, of course, immediately joined the group and many have become close friends, including Linda. I found Linda’s info online and sent her an email asking where she showed her art because I was interested in purchasing a piece. My email pinged a few minutes later with a lovely note welcoming me to Este and explaining that she didn’t have a show currently but would be happy to show me her work anytime. I replied that I would love to see it but had no car so would need to arrange transport with a friend. To my amazement, Linda cheerfully offered to come get me later that afternoon and drive me to her home for tea, to see her wonderful old house, meet her husband and look at her work. What a charming thing to do for a total stranger!

That afternoon was truly delightful. Our friendship began that day and has continued to grow. I was so enchanted with her work that I purchased several pieces and will certainly get more as I find more walls! And her husband Michael makes a mean cup of tea!

Linda is also a writer, and she pens a story for every piece she does, evoking the feelings she is conveying in her paintings. She is a multi-talented woman and one I am very happy to know and proud to call my friend!

Rosemary Polermo, Author, Este