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How to commission work

Commissioning work from an artist is a deeply personal process that requires understanding and trust. The artist needs to get to know you so that they can understand what you are hoping for from the commission. Linda Winter artist specialises in Architectural watercolours that reflect the setting of your home or treasured building along with the love that you have for it. To do this the following process needs to take place.

  1. You the client need to meet with Linda Winter artist. This is best done at the proposed site of the commission. This means that you can both identify important aspects of the commission and what you hope to show in the watercolours.
  2. A date needs to be set for preparatory drawings/photographs to be made at the site. This is an important part of the process because using photographs alone can distort the buildings perspective.
  3. Decide how many watercolours are required. The standard commission is for 4 watercolours showing different aspects of the building.
  4. Before work can start a non-refundable deposit of 30% and travel costs need to be made.

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