Lemons sketch 6

Lemons sketch 6

Baone, morning, lemons shining in the early morning light. The air is warm. Spring is finally here.

Saturday morning in my corner of Italy seems to be the time for killing things if you are a full blooded Italian male. The day to day frustrations are released on unsuspecting hedgerows aided and abetted by chain saws. Meanwhile in my little world the daisies and dandelions continue to grow unrestrained and devoid of fear of a sudden beheading. The rain has done its work and now there is an abundance of growth. Warm air and sunshine whispers to the plants you will survive, this is just a moment’s irritation.

Lemons sketch 6 details

Width: 46 cm
Height: 62 cm
Medium: Watercolour on Fabriano paper
Price: €200 (about $210)


I want to enquire about purchasing Lemons sketch 6.

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