Lemons sketch 4

Lemons sketch 4

When life gives you lemons, just keep painting. Today I truly feel better. There is still a way to go but the sun shines.

I’m back. This has been a horrid month, however when life gives you lemons you paint them. There have been storms and what feels like more rain than we had in all of the summer months in 2022. The Jasmine hedge is now green instead of a brittle shade of biscuit and the birds are singing all day. The heat last year seemed to make their throats so dry they forgot how to do it.

Take away points from this. Life can most certainly get worse, take each day truly as a gift. There were moments when if someone had offered to put an end to things I would have said yes. They didn’t and I didn’t. So here I am. The lemons project continues, the sun shines and the air is pleasantly warm. I love Italy.

Lemons sketch 4 details

Width: 23 cm
Height: 31 cm
Medium: Watercolour on Fabriano paper
Price: €50 (about $54)


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