Villa Pisani Peacock and Loggia

Villa Pisani Peacock and Loggia

The gardens at Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin are a reflection of Countess Evelyna’s diverse background. There are two main gardens, the formal Italian garden with ordered pathways and the wilderness known as the English Garden. To get from one to the other you walk through the tulip field where, every year Mariella plants 1000 tulip bulbs.

Evelyna first planted tulips to reflect her love of Turkey and time spent in Constantinople. The stone Peacocks exist for the same reason. She was an inveterate story teller, loving to share tales of growing up with her English grandmother in Rome and her father in Constantinople.

Her flamboyant nature even went as far as wearing Eastern dress to the Opera on her first night in Venice. The night she met and fell in love with her future husband Almoro Pisani.

Villa Pisani Peacock and Loggia details

Width: 46 cm
Height: 51 cm
Medium: Watercolour and Indian Ink on Arches paper
No longer available.

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