Villa Pisani Loggia

Villa Pisani Loggia

Guests sit under the loggia, politely sipping water or squash. To be honest anything alcoholic in this heat leaves you tired and woozy. The loggia was added to Villa Pisani by the last Duchess Evelyna. She had the entrance stairs torn down, (they swept up to the first floor in what had been an earlier fashion) and replaced them with this wrought iron framework. This is a monumental beast draped in vines which dwarfs the diminutive owner. Conversation is drowned by cicadas. On rare occasions there is a breeze, so we sit and listen to the only sound that matters, voices from the past.

Villa Pisani Loggia details

Mount width: 50 cm
Mount height: 54 cm
Medium: Watercolour and Indian ink on Arches paper
Price: €200 (about $210)


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