The Terrace at Villa Pisani

The Terrace at Villa Pisani
The Terrace at Villa Pisani

This morning there was supposed to be a storm, the sort that heralds the second coming. Instead there was sunshine and a text from Mariella saying: “come this morning,” so I did. The Villa Pisani collection is beginning to have a life of its own.

On arrival I had no idea what to paint, however the shade was perfect. I found a small table and here is the view back to the barchesse from last week (Into the Sunshine). The colour flowed and the light was perfect. This drawing almost painted itself. The cat saw the sign: “work in progress,” and went off to catch a lizard.

The Terrace at Villa Pisani details

Mount width: 39 cm
Mount height: 33 cm
Medium: Watercolour and Indian ink
Price: €250 (about $270)


I want to enquire about purchasing The Terrace at Villa Pisani.

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