Product of memory

Looking into the garden at Villa Pisani Bolognese Scalabrin from the terrace.
Product of memory

I left villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin with one last drawing which has been languishing half finished in my portfolio. Sometimes you need to just walk away from a picture. In the past it would have been torn up and ditched. Now I stop and think.

An unhappy drawing can often be a liberation. Colour, at the end of the day is no more than reflected light that changes, grows and dims. With that thought in mind this drawing is a product of memory. The colours in the garden are vivid, the shadows deep in purples and greys. This is an exploration of what might be, finished from the heart of a memory.

Product of memory details

Width: 61 cm
Height: 46 cm
Medium: Acquerello e inchiostro di china su carta Arches
Price: €300 (about $320)


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