Ponte Vecchio, Bassano del Grappa

On the right and in the background a group of buildings. On the left part of a wooden bridge with roof that emerges from the buildings. In the foreground reflections of the bridge and buildings.
Ponte Vecchio, Bassano del Grappa

In Bassano del Grappa there is a pizza shop. You walk through the tiny bakery to an even smaller restaurant. Here you will find the finest pizza I have ever eaten. A feast of cloud like base smothered in fresh anchovies and the bitterest olives on a base of rich tomato sauce. The only drink to have (at lunch time at least) is a glass of Nardini beer from the distillery. From the windows you gaze out across the Brenta to the bridge. A glorious creation of rich wooden planks that stretches out from the bakery to the bar on the other side. An equally tiny establishment. On Sundays Italians fill the bridge to listen to the piano player, the sound of the river and to fill themselves with fabulous food.

Ponte Vecchio, Bassano del Grappa details

Mount width: 46 cm
Mount height: 59 cm
Medium: Watercolour, Indian ink on arches paper
Price: €200 (about $210)


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