Ivy on Villa Pisani

Ivy at Villa Pisani
Ivy at Villa Pisani

Villa Pisani maybe an old lady, however her spirit is as luminous as the day that Evelyna first arrived: Thick green petticoats of ivy that hang down the front of the house are hunched up without ceremony to give a tantalising glimpse of faded red curtain through the window: somewhere there lies the shadow of an arch below which hangs the bleached wooden door. The petticoat moves, fluttering, slightly kissed by the breeze.

Ivy on Villa Pisani details

Mount width: 37 cm
Mount height: 58 cm
Medium: Watercolour and Indian ink on arches paper
Price: €300 (about $320)

Ivy on Villa Pisani is currently available as prints (wall art) and on a wide range of merchandise from FineArtAmerica.


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