Arches, Villa Pisani 2

Arches, Villa Pisani, Oils

To 20th century eyes the Doge’s farm could not be further removed from our understanding of what a farm is. The porticoes that run along the front of the house are empty, cool and vast. The walls are a testament to the patina of the ages. This is a majestic house that once used these spaces for storing hay; the beautiful formal gardens stretch out towards the trees and the distant fields of tulips.

In the beginning this was the poor relation to the grander villa Pisani that housed one of the greatest Venetian families when they fled the summer heat. Now it is a testament to Mariella the woman who heard its tired voice when the last of the ancient family was gone. This is her building and her dream. For me it is a voyage of discovery to test how far I can push my painting.