A place in the sun

A Place in the Sun
A Place in the Sun

The storms raged last night, the house shook every time there was a roar of thunder and the lightning was continuous, rather as I imagine shells on a battlefield would be. However the light this morning was, and still is, glorious. Now is the time for sweaters. The air has a slight chill and all was peaceful when I arrived at Villa Pisani.

Claudio the gardener was furiously digging, uprooting weeds and grass, Mariella was pruning roses and as ever the cat was in charge. Given that I was there to draw not garden, I moved a discrete distance to the nearest lemon tree. Lemons were one of the main reasons for building this house 500 years ago, so at least one should have a featured role in a drawing.

The cat did not agree and spent 20 minutes marching across the table to prove that she was the only reason for putting pen to paper. So small drawing, blame it on the cat.

The Cat at Villa Pisani