Villa Foscari "La Malcontenta"

A corner of a villa under a blue sky, surrounded by trees, with a reflection in water in the foreground.
Villa Foscari "La Malcontenta"

There is a common misconception that the move along the Brenta by the Venetian nobility was initiated by the wealthy merchants and princes of the city. Of course this was not the case. The ravages of plague were taking a huge toll on the pirate cats. Having been convinced to stay and guard the humans against disease they had become weary.

“There has to be a better way,” meowed the old grey pirate chief. “I’m tired of eating rotting rats, and the humans never say thank you.“

The other cats nodded and rattled their cutlasses in agreement.

“Let us,” continued the old grey cat, “encourage them to move out of the city to live on the Brenta. If nothing else we will have field mice to live on.”

All plans went well, the Architect Palladio was consulted by the cats. He had a particular fondness for the animals, and the Valier family agreed to pay the bill.

However the lady of the house did not like cats, or want to move, so her husband locked her in until she decided to mend her ways. This angered his wife so much she screamed herself to oblivion. Hence the house and surrounding village became known as “La Malcontenta.”

And the cats? They lived happily ever after with the husband who fed them on fresh fish caught daily from the river.