Villa Contarini

Watercolour of a villa under a blue sky seen over the top of a retaining wall.
Villa Contarini

The old cat moved slowly, his paws heavy with the heat. Above him the villa rose up from the grass lawns. Beside him danced the young cat distracted by the scent of lizards and the odd mouse.

“Why do we always walk in front of the villa?” asked the young cat, “and why always to the same castle tower.”

“We must protect the Prussian,“ grumbled the elderly feline, “we must guard against incursion.”

“In what“ responded the young cat, irritated at the loss of a particularly fat lizard.

“Grave robbers,“ was the old cats response. “The Prussian died of a broken heart and asked to be buried standing up; forever to look at the home of his unrequited love.”

“Humans are very odd,” said the young cat.