Monte Monticelli watercolour

Watercolour depiction of the villa and dovecots on the top of Monte Monticelli under a blue sky.
Monte Monticelli watercolour

The earth is warm and content, vines grow, shadows lengthen, and the air thickens with the poignancy of another year half gone. Buildings dose gently in the heat.

“Do you dream?” the earth asks from her slumber.

“Of what?” yawns the dovecote, “I have no purpose now.”

“There was one once,” says the villa stretching.

“Once children raced through the vines, gathering grapes and sunflowers in equal measure,” sighs the barn, “I miss the laughter.”

“Bask in the silence,” whispers the earth, “do you really want the humans to find you? Do you want your memories to be changed with noise and business?”