House in the mist

A house surrounded by trees and shrouded in mist with rich dark brown soil in the foreground.
House in the mist

Once upon a time the ancient earth heaved and stretched, then it gave birth to the Dolomites, the Apennines and the Alps. This left the earth rather tired. However there was still rock and mud left, so the earth, being a good housewife, gathered up the left overs in much the same way as one does with pastry, and made the Euganean Hills.

The only space left for these creations was the wide flat plain that reached out into the Adriatic. The sea was vexed at this imposition, because now it’s waves stumbled over the land. In an act of revenge it created fog so that the hills would be wrapped in a blanket of gloom as they were of no consequence and should not be there anyway.

Now the earth was angry, but she was tired, so she let the sea have its way, but only for the winter months on the plain of Padova. In the summer the earth took the rich dark soil and made it so fertile that the finest wines would grow by way of an apology to humans.

A Venetian Farm on the edge of the fog wrapped Euganean Hills.