Canale D’Este

Impressionist view along a canal in Este.
Canale D'Este

The mellow mists of misery (to miss-quote Shelley) rolled in before Christmas. They hang, laden with damp and the smell of wood smoke, filling every corner, nook and cranny with gloom. Add flu to this and Christmas would have seemed like a life sentence. Rule breaking seemed the only option so I moved my paint and easel into the kitchen. A large cozy room more suited to drinking wine and cooking than art, but these are desperate times.

Light in this environment is more than a little bizarre, nevertheless few people hang their paintings outside, so creating work under artificial light seemed worth a try. This is Canale D’Este, the big brother of the earlier sketch from a few days ago. Colours are designed to lift the spirits, the shadows are born of the Winter Solstice.