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In early November 2023 Linda Winter was interviewed by Marco Ferraro on Radio Canale Italia’s Storytime.

Here is an edited transcript:

Marco Ferraro: This is Marco Ferraro interviewer. Welcome everyone. We are ready to conduct this interview in English as it is the language of my kind guest, Linda Winter. Here she is. Linda, welcome to Story Time.

Linda Winter: Thank you so much.

Marco Ferraro: Linda, I’m honoured to conduct this interview in this language for you, but you’re not not just a painter are you?  Which kind of artist do you consider yourself to be?

Linda Winter: I like to think that I am not just a painter. I am also a writer, a speaker, and my day job is as a psychology teacher. I embrace life and I use my art to reflect that.

Marco Ferraro: Certainly. A bit of entertainment as well.

Linda Winter: Oh yes, painting is my love. I live to paint.

Marco Ferraro: The first question, why do you find our country, Italy, so inspiring?

Linda Winter: To paint you have to be at peace, you have to have the space to explore your inner self,

Marco Ferraro: Feel comfortable.

Linda Winter: Yes, absolutely. You have to be able to look around you and have everything bring light into your mind, because when you paint, it releases dopamine, and so everything is a thrill. It’s something that makes you feel complete, when you are painting.

Marco Ferraro: Was it a calling for you? Did you need to make this change in your life to to search for your …

Linda Winter: Yes I did. I had got to 60. I  was tired of England. Brexit was looming, and I wanted to find somewhere that was beautiful, with space for me, a new beginning.

Marco Ferraro: Okay, perfect. So welcome to our country.

Linda Winter: Thank you so much.

Marco Ferraro: Where did you learn your painting techniques, your inspiration, your craft?

Linda Winter: I have been painting  since I was 6 years old.

Marco Ferraro: Wow.

Linda Winter: My little brother was four. He is a very notable painter in England and the head of painting at Brighton School of Art. When I was six I was out there. I was playing in the streets,  and my little brother brother was very shy. He would not go out, so my mother gave him paper and pencil. Everyone said “you are very good, Christopher,” and I got jealous.

Marco Ferraro: Indeed.

Linda Winter: So I started to paint and draw because my brother did.

Marco Ferraro: To chase him, okay.

Linda Winter: Yes. So I chased him, and we have both painted for 60 years.

Marco Ferraro: Okay.

Linda Winter: So he is he’s younger than me, but we have both done this for 60.

Marco Ferraro: But what subjects were you painting?

Linda Winter: We started off just drawing cars, and houses, and all the things that children do …

Marco Ferraro: Yes.

Linda Winter: I love to paint Landscapes. It’s colour that excites me. It’s colour and light. My brother is a portrait painter. We both teach, and we both live to be creative.

Marco Ferraro: Okay. So let’s go back to our country. How do Italian people inspire you?

Linda Winter: Italy has been very good to me. It has  been incredibly welcoming. To paint, you have to have a peaceful mind and feel very comfortable. Where I live in Baone, the village has embraced me. I am the village painter. I can go into the bar, and I have a wonderful greeting. The village grocer and enoteca are incredibly kind. There’s a young man there called Francesco who has adopted me, who loves my painting. He is an architect. Everybody has taken me to their heart,

Marco Ferraro: Okay, sure.

Linda Winter: and I think that’s incredibly important because that gives me the peace of mind to be able to create.

Marco Ferraro: Sure. Something that comes from starting from ground zero to take a pencil and start doing.

Linda Winter: The thing you have to do is to keep doing it.

Marco Ferraro: Yes.

Linda Winter: You need to just believe in yourself, you need to not look at other people people and think, “I am not good enough,” because your pencil is a reflection of your heart and soul, and it will grow,

Marco Ferraro: Okay.

Linda Winter: and your paintings will grow if you are true to yourself with what you do. So don’t ask for opinions, just let it happen.

Marco Ferraro: Yes, so never give up, absolutely.

Linda Winter: Never ever give up.

Marco Ferraro: Just one little detail that amused me before starting our interview. It’s really important to keep telling your own story, okay?

Linda Winter: Yes.

Marco Ferraro: Just by choosing one painting or one book. So, another suggestion for the audience, never leave your story to be untold, right?

Linda Winter: Yes. You have you have to keep sharing.

Marco Ferraro: Okay.

Linda Winter: Nothing, nothing should be private. You should be transparent.

Marco Ferraro: Sure.

Linda Winter: You should be content to let people experience you as an honest human being because if your soul isn’t honest, then your art will never tell you anything other than being a reproduction.

Marco Ferraro: Yes.

Linda Winter: If you want to have a response to life, you have to have a genuine soul.

Marco Ferraro: Wow, fantastic. Thank you for your answers. To see the paintings and drawings of our guest take a look at:, and  @ljwint on Instagram. There’s time for the email L Baker 5153 at So that’s all. Linda, it has been really a great pleasure to share your story with you, and I wish you to keep going as you are going.

Linda Winter: Thank you so much.

Marco Ferraro: Have a nice day.

Linda Winter: And you. It’s been an absolute joy talking to you, and your English is beautiful. Thank you so much.

Marco Ferraro: Yes, okay so I want to say goodbye. Thank you all for following us, this is Marco Ferraro interviewer. Chow Chow, so see you next time. Bye bye.

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