At Salami Festival in Varzi

Festival del Salame di Varzi Poster

This coming Saturday and Sunday I will be in Varzi for the Salami Festival, exhibiting some of my latest works in the garden of talents (il giardino dei talenti).

Sometimes a girl just has to take a chance on the unknown. This is the joy of social media. After all it got me a husband ( a story for another day) so why shouldn’t a trip to Varzi be worth the adventure.

I stumbled over this amazing group of women on Instagram. They get togther to hold open air craft markets and exhibitions. Usually a good idea in Italy, although rain has stopped play on the two previous attempts at a market in a meadow. However, this will be different. We are in the glorious little town of Varzi in Pavia. There will be all sorts of stalls in the streets and the cavernous wine cellars. Me, I’m outside the Lemon house.

Have I met these ladies? Not yet.
Have I been to Varzi? Not yet.
Do I know my way there? Sort of… Michael’s driving.
Watch this space for updates.