Linda Winter Artist’s career in painting spans over 30 years. For the first 15 years she exhibited regularly in the Barbican Gallery in Plymouth. She also had a number of one-woman shows in the Theatre Royal in Plymouth, Mount Edgecumbe House and Exeter University. Her paintings were also exhibited in a number of group shows. There are also a number of paintings in private collections throughout the South West of England.

From Easter 2015, during a visit to Australia, Linda Winter’s art expanded to include work in acrylic.  From there she went onto oil paint which provides the level of texture and colour that her work is now known for. Alongside this she has continued to work using watercolours and line drawings. The work is a mixture of landscape and still life, the result of development and experimentation. Her first exhibition since coming to Italy was at Villa Pisani Bolognese Scalabrin. The work was a mixture of watercolour drawings and oil paintings. 

Living in Italy continues to leave its influence on Linda’s oeuvre. Working on the garden paintings of Villa Pisani nourished her love for the intensity of colour that is everywhere in the country that she now calls home. This experience has led to a shift in interest to working in a new medium with different tools; oil paint and palette knives. During 2023 she spent her time under the loggia, that shades her outdoor studio, revelling in the thick rich colours that only oils can bring. Looking closely at her new work it is still possible to see the formative precision that came from her watercolour and line work. The difference now is that the colours are bolder, the forms more inviting and the textures ripple in the ever changing light. These paintings are the most recent additions to the “Inspiration from my doorstep” section of this website. 

For more information see Linda Winter’s Artist’s Statement and Frequently Asked Questions.